Save your Progency

This is a new concept which has been launched for couples who do not want to start a family as soon as they get married. This concept is growing as more and more women have started working and couples want to ‘feel settled’ before planning a baby.

It is a well known fact that as the maternal age advances, the chances of having a abnormal baby increases. This is a matter of concern for those couples who want to delay having babies.

“Save Your Progeny” is a unique concept which allows such couples to freeze their embryos when the wife is still young. These couples have to go through IVF procedure but embryo transfer is not carried out. Instead, the embryos are frozen and can be kept for years together till the couple is ready to have baby.

The age of the mother at the time of embryo freezing will determine the chances of genetic abnormalities seen at that particular age. For example- If the embryos are frozen when the mother is 25 years old ad the Embryo Transfer is carried out when the mother is 35 years old, the chances of having congenital abnormalities in the baby will coincide with those at 25 years. Therefore even at 35 years of age, the chances of having an anomalous baby will be much less.


Who are the candidates for embryo freezing?

  1. Working women.
  2. Continuing education.
  3. Financially unsettled.
  4. Souses living separately due to certain reasons.
  5. Not ready for a pregnancy as yet (Personal Reasons).
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