Medical Miracle: 60 years old woman delivers a healthy child

Jaipur. In a path breaking story in infertility treatment, a 60 year old woman gave birth to a healthy child on the Republic day in the city. Befooling the ordinary and prevailing medical concepts of negligible probability of conceiving in that age, the medical miracle was performed by a dedicated team of doctors of the city‘s Jain Fertility and Mother Care Hospital headed by Dr. Gunjan Jain.

The 60 year old lady Raju Ben from Vadodara, Gujarat and 68 years old Hawa Singh, a retired constable from Gujarat police, were married for last 40 years. The couple had been visiting and consulting various infertility specialist for years in Anand, Vadodara, Ahmedabad etc. but could not reach to the end of their search until they finally came to Jaipur, after knowing about a similar case which was successfully treated in the city’s Jain Fertility and Mother Care Hospital. The desperate couple then visited Jain Fertility and Mother Care Hospital where they were examined by Dr. Gunjan Jain. The results of the preliminary examinations conducted by Dr. Jain gave the poor couple a ray of hope and then began a challenging yet miraculous journey of 9 months which ended on the 26thJan,2012, when the lady Raju Ben gave birth to a healthy child.

According to Dr. Gunjan Jain, the treatment of the lady was a great challenge as multiple problems had to be dealt with simultaneously. Raju Ben had become menopausal 15 years back.Her uterus had become almost the size of the uterus of a small girl. She had multiple surgeries on her tubes & uterus in the past because of tuberculosis, ovarian cysts, etc., thus making it impossible for her to conceive.

She had suffered with 4 miscarriages in the past.“We focused on all these issues and accordingly designed an intensive care plan to keep the lady under complete medical supervision to monitor the health, diet, check-Ups and other examinations. During the complete 9 months pregnancy period Raju Ben was regularly monitored for B.P. and other vitals required for a successful delivery” ,added Dr. Gunjan Jain.

Dr. Jain elaborated, since Raju Ben had attained menopause 15 years back, we had to use the ‘’Donor EggSharing’’ technology. We injected specific hormones to prepare the uterus for conception. In this technique the embryo was developed throughTest Tube Baby (IVF) Technology using the sperms of her husband which was then transferred to her uterus.Everyone was delighted to see a positive pregnancy test on day 14 of her embryo transfer. Raju was then regularly examined and monitored in the in-house advance labs, world class medical infrastructure and complete doctored care of the hospital and finally gave birth to a baby boy on the Republic Day of the Nation.

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