Safe Surrogacy Program

“Safe Surrogacy” Program of Jain Fertility & Mother Care Hospital is a highly successful surrogacy program where dreams of attaining parenthood of infertile couples are fulfilled successfully.

The main indications for a surrogacy are :

  • Repeated IVF failures.
  • Damaged uterus.
  • Absent uterus.

Going for surrogacy is not an easy option for intending parents as they are usually emotionally and financially drained out. We choose those women as surrogates who have completed their families and have children of their own. They then become the best mothers for your baby during the gestational pregnancy period. They are already well versed with the care during the ante-natal period and can provide love and care to your baby in her womb. Surrogate Mothers of Safe Surrogacy Program are dedicated to deliver a healthy baby for you.

Under Safe Surrogacy Program, rigorous emotional and health screening of the surrogate mother is done by the qualified team of doctors. We do a thorough medical examination of the surrogate mother for good health ad for a healthy uterus to hold your baby for nine months. They are also psychologically counseled to ensure they can cope with the emotional demands of our Safe Surrogacy Program. We counsel the entire family of the potential surrogate to provide happy moments for her.

The potential surrogates are thoroughly screened medically. They undergo various blood tests to rule out HIV, Hepatitis A&B, renal, liver and thyroid function tests, chest X-ray to rule out tuberculosis and a hysteroscopy to evaluate the health of uterus.

Our potential surrogates have no problems of conception, are of younger age and have babies of their own, have no history of illness during pregnancy and had no pregnancy complications during their own child-births.

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