My Early Beginning…

Hello everyone. I am all excited and at the same time nervous as I sit down to write my first blog. Thanks to my kids and my hubby who have motivated me to start writing.

Being a doctor, all I can remember is the sea of experiences I have with my patients. As I thought of ‘what’ to write I realized a very beautiful aspect of life:‘the fact that everyone has millions of reasons to smile’. So, I decided to pen down my childhood memories- gleeful and grounding. We were three sisters and one brother and all of us lived in one room, had polar opposite interests but somehow managed to coexist and adjust. My elder sister played music as she studied, I spoke loudly, my younger ones loved to talk and fought amongst themselves most of the times but everything would ‘peacefully’ happen in one room. Surprising, isn’t it?

I want to take you through my childhood because I see a vast change in our lifestyles now.Most of us have given our children their ownrooms and still, our kids tend to use earphones in an attempt to cut out any worldly noise that might interfere with “their lives”.

Are we heading towards a different type of bonding?,I often wonder.

My eldest sister, Vani, was too good in mathematics and because of her we did not need any extra coaching. It almost seems unbelievable today that she could even slap us for not understanding a maths problem and we would still walk up to her to solve yet another one the next day.

How did our parents manage to give us so much time, is still a question mark in my mind. I remember telling my mother one evening that I had not done my homework which was knitting small woolen socks, called booties in Hindi, and it was absolutely necessary to submit it the next day. Sure enough, the bootieswere ready for me the very next morning, my mother stayed up all night to knit those little socks for me- little multi-colored socks that I proudly carried to school.

I think I was learning my lessons of life through these instances, through my upbringing and through the love I received from my close-knit family.

I chose to be a working woman but somehow was able to strike a balance between work and home. The most rewarding statement came from my son, Kanav, who once told his friends, “ Yaar, I have never seen my mother work and people tell me that she is a very busy doctor.” My working half day,while my children were growing up, was truly rewarded as I was always there for them.

So, choose what you really want to do in life- “life is beautiful”.

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